Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The New One

The new blog is here...

I would love for all of my followers to follow me on over there! Ha! That term ~ follower ~ sorta cracks me up. I feel like a cult or something! Don't drink the Kool-Aid y'all!

Trust me, it's nothing fancy, but it's functional for now. And in all honestly, it will eventually become the only blog I have. That would mean the demise of The Monk's Wife. That makes me a little sad at the moment, so we're not gonna talk about that anymore. Ahem.

Anyway, from here on out there will be NO MORE POSTING HERE! Did y'all get that last part?


See ya there!


Well. I was going to direct you all to my new ~ Michelle Monk Photography ~ blog, but as usual... Blogger was being my arch enemy tonight.

Blogger, why of WHY do you vex me so?!?!?!?

Starting to think that maybe I oughta ditch the whole Blogger thing and switch over to Wordpress. I really hate to jump ship, but it really gets annoying with Blogger's forever glitch of never seeming to be able to recognize separate paragraphs!! Ay, yi, yi people! It's a PARAGRAPH ~ not rocket science!!

Does anybody have any suggestions? Ideas? Funny jokes?

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Does this fall under Liturgical Dance?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

She's an Angel

When I look at this face .... all I see is an angel.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Change Is Good. Right?

So I've decided to change the name of my photography business. Not that I don't love Beautiful You Photography, I do. I just need something easier for more practical purposes. While it will still be a while before I have all the changes in place, would y'all like to see my new photography name?
Wait for it....
...wait for it...
~ Michelle Monk Photography~
TA-DA!!! Pretty original, don't ya think??
Honestly, I debated and debated before I chose an official name, over whether I should just do, you know, my actual name. I chose otherwise and have regretted it almost from day one. I hate it when I second guess myself.
Anyway, this means a new blog, new business cards, etc, etc... SO. I'll let y'all know when the time comes. Okay?
p.s. I'm really hatin' on blogger right now. This is SO not how I had this post laid out. My creative, perfectionist tendencies are screaming out in objection, but to no avail. :(

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My First Boy...the One I Missed. ~Eli~

Remember Shannon? The client who was having a BOY and I missed the birth because I was on the Vacation of Neverending Sickness. Well, it just so happens that I was able to take his newborn pictures the other day.

But first ..... a funny story.

I was SO excited to be doing these pictures of little Eli that I was beside myself. I totally LOVE doing birth pictures, but the newborn pics? Well...let's just say they are the BEST THING EVER!! Oh my word, there's nothing better than a soft squishy newborn! I just love'em! The newborn pictures are like dessert for me ~ the reward after the birth!


I load up all my props, load up Charlotte, secure the other children with my mother-in-law and head on my way. I called Shannon to let her know I was on my way and proceeded to drive the 25 - 30 minutes to her house. I get out of the Suburban, still bebopping along with giddiness, open the back of the Suburban and guess what I realize?

I forgot my camera. Yes. I. Did.

I walk up to her front door, wanting to cry and die of embarrassment all at the same time, and ring the doorbell. She opens the door with this look of excited anticipation on her face and I just want to crumble. I confess to her what I've done and that if she is willing to wait another hour I can run home and grab my camera and be back. She was so awesome and understanding and said it was totally fine with her. Whew.

I get back in the truck, text my friend Keri to tell her I'm the biggest idiot on the planet and then I call Monk. My awesome hubby offers to grab my camera and meet me half way! It is so great that he works out of the house! Long story short: He meets me half way and I am back to their house within 40 minutes.

But really? What kind of photographer forgets their CAMERA for crying out loud! Oy.

Despite my moronic tendencies, Eli's first photo shoot went splendidly! Oh, he was SO adorable! I could have just kissed his chubby cheeks all day long!


Look at this pucker!! SO cute!

And my personal favorite... the quintessential squishy baby pose...


Congratulations Jay and Shannon, you have an absolutely beautiful son!

Long Time Coming...the Post, Not the Baby. The Birth of Kenlee.

This birth wasn't even supposed to be mine. Boy, was I shocked to get a call from Ann at 4 o'clock in the morning asking me to come to the birth center. My friend and fellow birth photographer, Keri, had come down with a horrific stomach virus and was at home ... well ... being sick.

In my groggy haze I advise Ann, the midwife with 20 years of experience, to "check her" (the mom) when she got to the birth center and then call me back to let me know how long before I should come. Ann let's me know that the time is NOW and I need to get moving. I'm also fairly certain if she could have, she might have put her hand through the phone to give me a good smack, as well! Ha!

So, I roll out of bed, throw on some clothes, grab the baby and my camera and head out the door into a whopper of a thunderstorm. Nothing like a surprise birth AND a vicious storm to wake you up while driving down the freeway! HA!

After I arrived and began taking pictures, all that kept crossing my mind was, "I've never met this woman before and how strange is it that I'm here taking her birth pictures?". But it was all good! Amanda was an amazing woman during her fast labor and boy was I ever shocked to learn, after the birth, that she was a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section). I would have never known it! She did terrific! And for not knowing them before that morning, I was ever SO happy to be a part of their special moment. She and her husband, Chad were just wonderful people!

Here's a little smattering of the birth of sweet baby Kenlee (isn't that name adorable?!?)...




This baby girl was already crying before she was completely out! So cute!


I just love those first special moments..




Welcome to the world sweet baby Kenlee! It was nice to meet you.